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Heat Treatment Process

Stringent quality control measures are used to provide the best quality of services to our customers worldwide. A variety of industries utilize our services, that include Sheet Metal, Press Forging, Pressure Die Casting, Plastic Molding, Extrusion, HSS Tooling, Automotive, Tool & Die, Exports, Railway, Aerospace, Defense, Surgical, Plastic and general engineering industries, etc. We are now the leading service provider in the country, and we aim to be leaders in the world market. Some of the heat treatment services that we provide includeMETALS INDIA - Leading service provider of Surface Treatment Services, Induction Hardening Services based in Haryana, India.

“Heat Treatment, the Soul of Metals”

Vacuum Heat Treatment Services

12 Bar Quench Vacuum Furnace

Atmosphere Heat Treatment Services

Surface Treatment Services

Induction Hardening Services

Cold Treatment Services

Gas Nitriding Furnace

Plasma Nitriding Furnace

Heat Treatment of Dies, Moulds & Tools
Vacuum Hardening & Tempering

Vacuum Carburizing

Vacuum Carbonitriding

Low Pressure Vacuum Nitriding

Vacuum Brazing

Isothermal Quenching

Bright Annealing

Precipitation Hardening

Solution Treatment

Stress Relieving

Powder Metal Sintering

Gas Carburizing

Oil Quenching/ Air Cooling





Heat Treatment in Inert Atmosphere

Gas Nitriding



Ferritic Nitrocarburizing



Plasma Nitriding

Plasma Nitrocarburizing

Pre & Post Oxidation(PulsPlasma)

Oxinitrocarburizing Plasma Assisted Carbonitriding

Induction Hardening

Induction Annealing

Induction Heating

Induction Brazing

Sub Zero Treatment

Cryogenic Treatment

RA Reduction

Cold Stress Relieving


A number of prominent clientele depends on us for the best quality of services, which we deliver with perfection. In the last 20 years, our reputation has spread to every corners of the world, and thus attracted the attention of the world famous companies, who associate only with the best for any business deals. Some of our international clients that trust us with their services include:

  • Hero Motors Ltd.
  • Honda Siel Power Products Ltd.
  • Yamaha Motors India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Maruti Sujuki
  • Amtek Auto Ltd.
  • Escorts JCB Ltd. Faridabad
  • Bajaj Motors Pvt. Ltd. Gurgaon
  • Denso India Ltd.
  • Eicher Tractors Faridabad
  • New Holland Tractors (I) Pvt. Ltd.
  • Hindustan Motors Ltd.
  • General Motors Ltd.
  • Graziano Transmission India (P) Ltd.
  • Goetze India Ltd.
  • Raunaq Automotive Components Ltd., and many more....