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Neutral Hardening Services

Neutral Hardening Services
Neutral Hardening Services
Service Code : NHS 25

Ours is a quality-oriented firm, which deals in providing world-class Neutral Hardening Services. Different types of metals such as steel, iron and various others are treated. These services deal with hardening of different types of metals. During the execution of our services, we conduct different quality checks under the supervision of our experienced employees. Clients' guidelines are strictly followed while executing these services. Our Neutral Hardening services are highly appreciated by customers owing to their cost-effectiveness and timely execution. 

Other details:

neutral hardening is a heat treatment used to achieve high hardness/strength on steel. It consists of austenitising, quenching and tempering, in order to retain a tempered martensite or bainite structure.

There are several benefits of neutral hardening, depending on the steel type:

  • Heavy loaded parts can be given an optimal combination of high strength, toughness and, if applicable, temperature resistance

  • Such parts can be made lighter and more stiff, due to higher strength

  • Tools and dies get the required high wear and/or heat resistance while maintaining toughness

  • Parts that need grinding to low roughness, acquire the required machinability

  • For all these purposes, if the parts are made of martensitic stainless steels, the corrosion resistance is only available after the heat treatment

Tool steels: the desired properties of high hardness, wear resistance, heat resistance and machinability can only be given by hardening.

Martensitic stainless steels: these steels only get their maximum corrosion resistance by hardening.

For all steel types: during the shaping of the parts, (takes place before the heat treatment), the material is relatively soft and therefore easy to machine.